Juno Continuation Fund

This is our selection of medium-sized European companies with high and predictable non-cyclical earnings growth. These businesses all have unique and often leading positions in their industries. Although not a specific selection requirement, most are either listed family-owned companies or enterprises where a family or management is a major shareholder. In other words: businesses with a long-term mindset that nurture operational stability. The Juno Continuation Fund was launched on 1 February 2020.


Monthly Net Asset Value

2024 Value Month % Quarter % Year %
31.01.2024 € 89,15 -3,11% -3,11%
29.02.2024 € 93,07 +4,39% +1,15%
31.03.2024 € 94,37 +1,39% +2,56% +2,56%
30.04.2024 € 90,53 -4,10% -1,60%
31.05.2024 € 94,08 +3,92% +2,25%

Historical Performance

Year Value Year %
31.12.2023 € 92,00 +10,88%
31.12.2022 € 82,98 -28,50%
31.12.2021 € 116,06 +5,36%
31.12.2020 € 110,15 +10,15%
01.02.2020 € 100,00

The Net Asset Values of the Juno Continuation Fund for the years 2020 up to and including 2023 have been audited. This audit takes place annually, after the end of the fiscal year. The Net Asset Values for the year 2024 have not yet been audited.


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Quarterly Reports

Along with our clients, we co-own the businesses we invest in. In the investment funds’ quarterly reports, we describe the developments at 'our' companies and what this means for the portfolio composition over our investment horizon. It is important to us to do this transparently and using clear language, so that our participants know exactly where they stand. Participants are sent the quarterly report as a handy booklet in either hard copy or digital format four times a year.

If you are interested in earlier editions of the quarterly reports, please click here to request a copy.

To Participate

Looking for an investment with stable long-term returns? With the Juno Continuation Fund, investing is a reassuringly dull affair. Participation starts at a minimum investment of EUR 150,000, with follow-on investments from EUR 25,000. Participants can increase or redeem their investment on a monthly basis. (Note: for certain countries, a higher minimum initial investment is required by law. Please contact us for more information.) If you would like to receive a subscription form, please click on the link below. Naturally we are happy to go over the details with you in person, for example at our office in The Hague. That will also give us a chance to get acquainted.

Fund Management

Rob Deneke

Partner and portfolio manager Juno Continuation Fund
Read more about Rob Deneke
Lotte Timmermans

Lotte Timmermans

Analyst Juno Continuation Fund
Read more about Lotte Timmermans

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