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The Name Juno

The origin of the name Juno refers to the Goddess Juno from ancient Rome. Juno was its supreme goddess and married to Jupiter. Juno was the queen of the heaven and the moon. She is also known from ancient Greece as Hera, queen of the Gods. Juno was worshiped as protector and adviser for affairs that concerned the Roman state and she was also the patron of the city of Rome.

Juno Moneta

In one of the many guises of Juno, she appears in ancient times as Juno Moneta: famous for her capacities to warn of impending doom. Cicero writes that the ascribed capacity stems from the fact that the voice of the goddess was heard in her temple when an earthquake took place: ‘ut sue plena procuratio fieret’. Suidas claims that at the time of the war against Tarentum, the Romans gained access to money by following the advice of the goddess Juno. Consequently, the Romans named her Juno Moneta.

Origin of money and coins
In her capacity as Juno Moneta, Juno warns for mischief and protects the treasury of the Roman Empire. Her temple stood on the Arx in Rome. It is believed that around 269 BC, silver coins were introduced in the system at that same location. These coins were cast next to Juno’s temple. Her name, Moneta, ultimately became synonymous for ‘money’.  

Juno Investment Partners
Juno Investment Partners chose the name Juno, because it symbolizes vigilance and the role of guardian of the assets. Moreover, Juno was founded in the month of June, in the year 2007.