New Offices for Juno

PRESS RELEASE: New offices for Juno Investment Partners
From July 1st 2010, Juno took residence in the completely renovated ‘Villa Maarheeze’ in Wassenaar, near The Hague. As a result of this move, Juno has gained access to plenty of space to expand, three years after its establishment. Villa Maarheeze was build by the famous Dutch architect Co Brandes in 1915. It is well known as the former headquarters of the Foreign Intelligence Service of The Netherlands, that was housed here from after the second world war, till 1992
From this building, with its rich history and fantastic setting, Juno will work the coming years to build on the strong results achieved over the past years with the Jun Selection Fund. This Fund invests through a highly concentrated portfolio of extraordinary European small-, and midcap companies.

New contact details:  
Juno Investment Partners
‘Villa Maarheeze’
Rijksstraatweg 675
NL-2245 CB, Wassenaar
The Netherlands
Tel:  +31 (0)
Fax: +31 (0)

About Juno Investment Partners
Juno invests in European Small-, and Midcap equities. The management team has worked in the investment management industry for many years, as both analysts and investors in European companies. They manage the Juno Selection Fund. This fund has an investment horizon of three to five years. The Juno Selection Fund is an open ended fund, organized under Dutch law as a “Fonds voor gemene rekening” or FCP. It trades monthly on intrinsic value, thereby offering its investors good liquidity. Both the fund and the manager are exempt from obtaining a license from the Dutch Financial regulator, AFM, as article 2:74 of the Dutch Wft Law applies. Investors can participate in the fund from an initial investment of € 100’000.

For questions or comments, please contact Frans Jurgens or Lennart Smits on:
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