Monika Veric joins Juno Investment Partners

Juno Investment Partners welcomes Monika Veric as senior analyst sustainability.

The Hague – June 21, 2021 – In recent years, sustainability has become of increasing importance within investment portfolios. Juno Investment Partners (“Juno”) has acknowledged its significance since its inception and confirmed this by being one of the first Dutch asset managers to sign the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment in 2011. We are therefore pleased to welcome Monika Veric, where she will be as primary responsible for the sustainability analyses of the companies within the Juno portfolios.

Together with the investment management team, Monika helps us to better identify and quantify ESG risks. She brings to Juno years of relevant experience in sustainable investing. She started her career at ABN AMRO in 1998 with the development of their first sustainable investment fund based on ESG criteria. During the fifteen years she worked for the bank, she has developed ESG risk policies which were subsequently used throughout the bank and has analysed hundreds of transactions on ESG risks. Monika started working for the Dutch development bank (FMO) in 2013 where she assessed several financing projects in Africa and Asia on ESG principles. In her most recent position at ING, she represented the bank in the IRBC banking sector Agreement, focusing on human rights. Monika holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Economics from HES in Rotterdam and a Master’s Degree in Organisational Culture and Management from VU University in Amsterdam.

Frans Jurgens, co-founder of Juno: “We consider Monika joining Juno a valuable reinforcement of the analytical capabilities within our investment management team. Due to Juno’s strong preference for family-owned companies, a considerable level of experience has already been gained with different forms of Governance and the Social aspects that play a role in our investments. Monika now supplements our existing ESG knowledge with her rich experience in the Environmental field”.

Lennart Smits, co-founder of Juno:  With this expansion of our team, Juno has taken another important step towards the future. Everyone is becoming more and more aware of sustainability risks and we think it is essential to map them properly. Moreover, we notice that many of our participants, and their children, logically increasingly regard this as a decisive criterion when assessing an investment fund. We are now going to identify and monitor those risks even more closely, enabling us to make better choices within the wide range of investment opportunities that listed family-owned companies have to offer”.

Rob Deneke, manager of the Juno Continuation Fund: “With companies increasingly publishing comprehensive reports on their sustainability initiatives and with a significant amount of independent data becoming available, it is essential that we have someone on board within Juno who has extensive experience in this field. We expect Monika’s knowledge and expertise to provide the management team with the right impulse, so that ESG considerations can be integrated into our analysis and decision-making.

About Juno Investment Partners

Juno Investment Partners was established in 2007 as a fully independent fund manager and has an AIFM license (as referred to in Section 2:65 of the Wft), issued by the Dutch regulator AFM. Juno specializes in the selection of exceptional listed (family owned) companies in Europe. Companies that are able to achieve predictable and stable earnings growth year after year are considered for investment. The selection process focuses on the return on invested capital, a low debt ratio and free cash flows of a highly predictable nature. The analysts/portfolio managers compile a highly concentrated portfolio of approximately fifteen companies that they identify, analyze and visit regularly. Selected companies remain in the portfolio for a longer time period (usually more than five years). All analysts/portfolio managers have themselves invested in the Juno funds.

Juno offers three products: The Juno Selection Fund, which focuses on the selection of smaller and medium-sized listed companies, the Juno Continuation Fund for medium-sized companies and individual asset management using the same investment style, for larger clients through managed segregated accounts.

– The Juno Selection Fund was launched in 2008. This mutual fund invests in distinctive European small and medium-sized companies with an initial market capitalization of €250 million to €4 billion. In recent years, this investment style has resulted in above average investment returns for participants in the Juno Selection Fund. This fund has been hard closed for further (follow on) subscriptions since 2018.

– The same investment strategy is applied in the Juno Continuation Fund, which was launched on February 1, 2020. This fund focuses on unique, medium-sized European companies with a market value between €4 billion and €20 billion at the time of initial purchase. As is the case with the Selection Fund, the Continuation Fund also has a strong preference for investments in businesses that are family owned, or companies in which a family or management itself is also a shareholder.

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