Juno Continuation Fund: Q2 2020

New Juno fund stands firm in stock market turbulence Positive return for Juno Continuation Fund after first five months Manager doubts strong economic recovery and continues to focus on predictable companies Benchmark index significantly outperformed Tumultuous first five months ended with positive performance of +0.6% The Hague – July 2020 – The Juno Continuation Fund […]

Juno Selection Fund: Q2 2020

Investment Style Juno is also successful in economic headwinds Juno Selection Fund ends in the green after the first six months Juno Selection Fund achieves positive result in first half year, despite crisis Manager intervenes “unusually hard” in portfolio Equity positions that may emerge more strongly from the pandemic crisis have been increased Underlying investments […]

Article in Dutch Daily Newspaper “De Telegraaf” (in Dutch)

Belegger in Familiebedrijven Weerstaat Crisis Door BERNARD VOGELSANG25 mei 2020 in FINANCIEELDEN HAAG – Het Nederlandse Juno Investment Partners belegt ruim een half miljard euro in beursgenoteerde (familie)bedrijven in Europa. Het is natuurlijk toeval, maar telkens als de vermogensbeheerder iets nieuws begint, volgt er een beurscrash. Rob Deneke, Lennart Smits en Frans Jurgens beleggen in bedrijven […]

Article on Fondsnieuws

Clicking on the logo below opens the article “How to rearrange a portfolio during the Corona crisis”. This article was published on the Fondsnieuws website on April 16, 2020 (in Dutch).

Juno Selection Fund: Q1 2020

Juno Selection Fund “pandemic necessitates portfolio review” The Hague – April 2020 – The Juno Selection Fund ended the first quarter of 2020 with a net asset value of €346.90 per participation, a decrease of -15.9% since the end of last year. Whereas the fund, which specializes in investments in European small and medium-sized (family-owned) […]

Juno Continuation Fund: Q1 2020

Juno Continuation Fund – A Remarkable Start The Hague – April 2020 – On 1 February this year, the Juno Continuation Fund was launched. This new fund, managed by Juno Investment Partners, will apply the successful investment style of the Juno Selection Fund, which closed for investors in 2018. The Continuation fund is identical in […]

Juno Investment Partners Corona Update

March 20, 2020 At a time when the wellbeing of you and your loved ones is the most important thing, it makes perfect sense that you may not have been preoccupied with the progress of your investments. Nevertheless, we can imagine that the news headlines, including reports on significant share price corrections on the stock exchanges, […]

Juno Selection Fund: Q4 2019

Juno Selection Fund achieves a return of 33.8% in 2019  The Hague – January 22, 2020 – The Juno Selection Fund ended 2019 with a strong performance. With a +33.8% performance, the return was the second highest in the fund’s twelve-year history. Once again the Selection Fund managed to leave European indices behind: the EMIX […]

Announcement to Participants

Announcement to the Participants in the Juno Selection Fund   Subject: Management Board of the Legal Owner Juno Selection Fund  As a result of a change in legislation, the manager of the Juno Selection Fund has appointed a new management board/director for the Legal Owner of the Juno Selection Fund Foundation on January 6, 2020. […]

Article Citywire Global

By clicking on the Citywire logo below, you can access a recent article on Juno, titled “Small-Cap Supremos”, which appeared on August 14th, 2013. (click on logo)