Governance can make or break a family-owned business

Juno Investment Partners sees significant differences between European listed family-owned businesses Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the economy, are conservatively run and are attractive because of their focus on the long-term. Sometimes things go wrong, especially under the third generation, according to recent research by Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Netherlands). Juno Investment Partners delves deeper […]

Juno Selection Fund: Q1 2021

Strategic focus on European companies with predictable earnings growth protects against potential headwinds of euphoric markets Juno Selection Fund remains on track in 2021 After a very successful 2020 (+20.6%), the Juno Selection Fund had to take a step back in the first quarter of 2021 and showed a slightly negative return of 3.3%. The […]

Juno Continuation Fund: Q1 2021

Youngest Juno fund records strong results in the first 14 months after its inception Healthy earnings growth gives Juno Continuation Fund a solid start The Juno Continuation Fund ends the first quarter of 2021 with a positive performance of 2.9%. The past quarter’s performance lags that of the MSCI Europe Mid Cap Index, but the […]

Juno Continuation Fund: Q4 2020

Youngest Juno fund successful in first year thanks to proven risk mitigation strategy Juno Continuation Fund withstands baptism of fire in volatile year with a 10.2% return Juno Continuation Fund ends first year with a 10.2% return since inception on February 1; including 2.2% in the fourth quarter. The European index of medium-sized companies increased […]

Juno Selection Fund: Q4 2020

Strategic focus on European companies with predictable earnings growth pays off in volatile corona year Juno Selection Fund achieves significant outperformance in 2020 Juno Selection Fund ends challenging year with 20.6% return, including 2.4% in fourth quarter. The index of European small to medium sized companies achieved a return of 7.3% in 2020. Outperformance achieved […]

Juno Continuation Fund: Q3 2020

Despite Corona, portfolio companies manage to maintain the trend of rising earnings and turnover Juno Continuation Fund manages to maintain positive trend and records +7.8% performance this year Juno Continuation Fund achieves positive result in third quarter (7.1%). 2020 Return (since inception on February 1) now stands at 7.8% MSCI MidCap Index shows -7.8% over […]

Juno Selection Fund: Q3 2020

Underlying portfolio companies achieve attractive earnings growth despite corona Juno Selection Fund: 17.7% return after nine months The Hague – October 16, 2020 Frans Jurgens, manager of the Juno Selection Fund: “Dutch parenting beliefs rely on the three R’s: “Rust, Reinheid en Regelmaat”, which roughly translates to rest, cleanliness and routine, are not only important in […]

Article in “De Tijd”

Clicking on below image opens the interview Juno’s Rob Deneke recently gave to Belgian business newspaper “De Tijd” (in Dutch). This interview appeared on September 23, 2020.

Juno Continuation Fund: Q2 2020

New Juno fund stands firm in stock market turbulence Positive return for Juno Continuation Fund after first five months Manager doubts strong economic recovery and continues to focus on predictable companies Benchmark index significantly outperformed Tumultuous first five months ended with positive performance of +0.6% The Hague – July 2020 – The Juno Continuation Fund […]

Juno Selection Fund: Q2 2020

Investment Style Juno is also successful in economic headwinds Juno Selection Fund ends in the green after the first six months Juno Selection Fund achieves positive result in first half year, despite crisis Manager intervenes “unusually hard” in portfolio Equity positions that may emerge more strongly from the pandemic crisis have been increased Underlying investments […]