Announcement to Participants

Announcement to the Participants in the Juno Selection Fund


Subject: Management Board of the Legal Owner Juno Selection Fund

As a result of a change in legislation, the manager of the Juno Selection Fund has appointed a new management board/director for the Legal Owner of the Juno Selection Fund Foundation on January 6, 2020. Where Stichting Circle FGR Support formed the management board in recent years, these tasks are now performed by CSGK B.V. (part of Capital Support in The Hague), which has a trust license issued by De Nederlandsche Bank. There is no change in the statutory duties of the Legal Owner of the Juno Selection Fund Foundation: it retains the legal ownership of all assets that belong to the Juno Selection Fund. All assets that are part of the fund have been registered in the name of the Legal Owner, for the account and risk of the participants of the Fund. The Legal Owner acts solely in the interest of the participants. For a complete description of the duties of the Legal Owner, we refer to chapter 5, sub B of the prospectus of the Juno Selection Fund.


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